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    Reva Mobile has expertise in several Solution Areas and in building the right User Experience for the Mobile Devices which is critical for the success of you500彩票在线快三r business. We also offer Flexible Engagement Models and the Methodologies that suit you500彩票在线快三.

    We have partnered with Startups and refined the idea to generate new markets and delivered compelling products and services.

    We also partnered with large companies and created products/applications that fit in their business and business processes and deliver high productivity gains and result in huge dollar savings.

    Our Experienced Development team consists of

    • Key members with15+ years of experience in Mobile Technologies
    • Have generated high value IP and brought several innovative concepts to the market
    • Highly skilled in
      • Android
      • iOS (iPhone / iPAD)
      • Blackberry
      • Symbian
      • WindowsMobile
      • J2ME
    • Experience across all aspects of mobility
    • Experience working across all layers of mobile platforms
    • Past Experience working for
      • Cellular Operators
      • Device Manufacturers
      • Mobile Device Management


    26 Aug 2011
    Anjali Warathe, Anurag Bajaj (Founders, MenuZapp,
    It has been a pleasure working with Reva for the MenuZapp. Reva knows ..

    26 Aug 2011
    G.S.Ravi Kumar , CIO - Gati Limited
    Reva provided us with a printing solution for mobile devices to expedi..