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    Engagement Models

    Fixed Price Model

    The Fixed Price Model is best suited to small and medium level projects with definite scope and clear specifications of the projects. You can engage this model when everything about you500彩票在线快三r project is well defined from the beginning of you500彩票在线快三r project to its delivery and pay a fixed price as per the agreement.

    This model is ideal if you500彩票在线快三 have detailed project specifications, time lines and budget. Because of the clear goals sketched out, it is considered that while developing the application it will give little or minimal scope for modifications or changes.

    Though this model expects good definition beforehand, a continuous engagement between Reva Mobile and client for feedback and progress checks helps.

    Time & Material Model

    Customer drives tasks and their priority, and is invoiced for the number of hours spent on the work at a pre-agreed hourly rate and frequency.

    Time & Material (T&M) Model is applicable for projects that are bigger and longer in duration. When specifications and implementation plans cannot be clearly defined before taking up the project, T&M Model is the right choice allowing you500彩票在线快三 to modify you500彩票在线快三r specifications, adjust time schedules and define scope during the execution of you500彩票在线快三r project.

    We will work with you500彩票在线快三 closely to define a realistic pattern based on you500彩票在线快三r project's complexity, proposed time lines, planned budget and any anticipated challenges. Our team will do this by studying you500彩票在线快三r business, you500彩票在线快三r market and project requirements, so that you500彩票在线快三r project is executed with best efforts in a smooth environment and ultimately you500彩票在线快三 are successful.

    Our abundant experience has identified that bigger and longer projects with indefinite specifications and imprecise plan tend to evolve during the course of their execution. This may require several modifications and changes and extra or lesser resources to carry out the project. In such case, our T&M Model facilitates the customer to amend to the necessities such as hire precise or additional resources needed for each of the particular module of the project and pay for the specific work done.

    We provide regular detailed reports on the work done on you500彩票在线快三r project, which describe the progress and process of you500彩票在线快三r project and also facilitate you500彩票在线快三 to plan ahead in case if you500彩票在线快三 want to improve or condense you500彩票在线快三r application.

    Dedicated / Development Center or ODC

    We offer a unique business model where our clients can build a technical team here with us (like an extended arm/team of you500彩票在线快三r own on-site team). In an ODC (or Dedicated Team model), specific resources at the Reva Mobile are dedicatedly to the Customer. The team acts as an extension of the customers team. ODC can be supplemented by the Fixed Price/T&M engagement models when short term or specializedrequirements emerge.

    Revenue Share Model

    We support this model for start-up companies at an early stage. We can help refine, define the idea and/or design, develop and deploy the product for the startup companies. We will charge a very nominal sum but would like to look ahead for a long term mutually beneficial partnership.


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