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    Depending upon the need, we use Agile, Water fall or a combination of both the methodologies. Our teams are well versed with both the methodologies. We make the process work, whether it is Agile or Water Fall. With Reva Mobile you500彩票在线快三 have the flexibility to choose the methodology. The advantage of working with us is

    • We can use a mix of Waterfall and Agile
    • It gives you500彩票在线快三 a choice of development approach – top down or bottom up
    • Users can articulate the mobile value add and can understand the application and give feedback by using the real application that is delivered in waves


    The Agile model has been very successful as it involves the stake holders and project is reviewed periodically for changes to be incorporated. We start off by helping on the strategy, identification of requirements and do quick prototyping and get feedback. This process is continued till all requirements and experience is finalized. The application is developed and reviewed periodically. As needed some features/requirements are added or modified for best experience.The applications can also be released in waves. Each wave has some incremental functionality or improvement over the previous wave. The waves help realize the application faster and also provide an opportunity to get feedback from real users to make the application better and more usable.



    When the project is well defined, and as per the interest, we also use the water fall model. Once the requirements are signed off, the team works on the design, reviews to ensure all requirements are met and the best practices are followed. In the implementation stage, every module is unit tested and the code is reviewed. The system is tested by independent QA team ensuring all requirements are met and the application is well tested across all models as agreed upon. The application/system is deployed and the team offers support and maintenance.



    26 Aug 2011
    Anjali Warathe, Anurag Bajaj (Founders, MenuZapp,
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    26 Aug 2011
    G.S.Ravi Kumar , CIO - Gati Limited
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