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    UI Rendering Framework

    Ever thought of having a new UI for you500彩票在线快三r native applications every day without having to re-install or release a new version? Well, we made it possible for you500彩票在线快三 and you500彩票在线快三r business. The user can see a brand new UI of the application whenever it changes without having to download the application.

    We developed a UI Framework that allows the customers to change the user interface for a native mobile application from a wizard or a web form. The changes to the UI get reflected instantly without a need for re-install of the applications. The framework is highly customizable and extensible. For more details on the framework or scheduling a demo, please send an email to info@500彩票在线快三.

    Wireless Printing Solutions

    Need you500彩票在线快三r business to be really mobile? If you500彩票在线快三 want you500彩票在线快三r business to be moving always and need effective and efficient solutions including wireless printing solutions, we have it ready for you500彩票在线快三.

    Our printing solutions allow the customers to print wirelessly the business content. We also develop custom applications that meet you500彩票在线快三r needs more precisely resulting in highest customer satisfaction, cost savings, increased revenue and differentiated service. For more details on the printing solution offering or scheduling a demo, please send an email to info@500彩票在线快三.


    Want to change the menu of you500彩票在线快三r restaurant on a daily basis? Want to have a menu which is different for different time of the day? Want to have a menu which changes with seasons or occasions? Well, we made it possible for you500彩票在线快三r business. MenuZapp is an End 2 End solution for you500彩票在线快三r restaurant, which will Manage Building Menu, Presents a rich multimedia menu on digital device (Tablets), it also captures orders from users, fulfills orders, automates you500彩票在线快三r business and provides you500彩票在线快三 with analytics for business intelligence.

    For more details on MenuZapp or scheduling a demo, please send an email to info@500彩票在线快三.

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