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    Reva Mobile has specialized skills required, and the experience, to effectively strategize, design, implement and support all aspects of Mobility solutions. Our team is experienced with all SmartPhone Platforms and has delivered several innovative solutions spanning across all layers of mobility.

    • Founded in 2003 with offices in Vancouver, BC ; Seattle, WA and Hyderabad, India
    • Niche and visionary player
    • Develop, Deliver and Support Mobility Solutions

    Solution Areas

    Our solutions span many domains some of which are:

    • Enterprise Mobility
    • User Experience Design
    • Rich Internet Applications
    • M-Commerce
    • Social Networking
    • Location Based 500彩票在线快三
    • Context Aware Computing
    • Connectivity Applications

    Enterprise Mobility

    It is essential for any enterprise in the current market to be competitive as well as provide timely information to its employees and customers. For the Enterprises we provide solutions resulting in cost savings and increase in revenues. For enterprises we do the following

    • Identify Opportunities / Strategize Mobility Solutions
    • Plan and Spec Solution
    • Create the user experience design
    • Develop, trial
    • Launch
    • Post Launch support and maintenance

    User Experience Design

    Though often it is under-rated in the success of any application, application experience is critical for the success of any application, in an increasingly competitive market. The success of any application depends upon how easy and intuitive it is to use and how much it is used.

    Reva Mobile has experience rendering rich, compelling and intimate user experience.

    • Rich
      • The User Experience is intuitive and appealing
      • Discovery of Functions and Navigation are Super Easy
      • Branded UI - We create the UI in sync with you500彩票在线快三r branding elements
    • Compelling
      • Design of User Experience compels the user to explore the application further
      • The User can achieve the Goal quickly
      • More Functions can be performed with greater ease
    • Intimate
      • Highly Customized
      • Personalized
      • Adaptive
      • Context Sensitive


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